Here's a photo of one of my favorite creeks to fish here in Alaska. I don't mind mentioning the name because it's so darned hard to get to, and when you do you'd better watch out for grizzly's. They're everywhere in the valley that Goat Creek drains out of. This little stream is the ultimate destination for the first run of red salmon that comes up the world famous Russian River. Each salmon that reaches here has had to run a gauntlet of hundreds, perhaps thousands of crazed bank fishermen along the Kenai and Russian rivers. After the reds reach Goat Creek they then have to fend off large schools of rainbow trout and dolly varden that have followed them for their eggs. Oh, and did I mention the protein starved bears. The odds of even one salmon egg from Goat Creek hatching and having the salmon smolt survive to swim to the ocean and then return several years later as an adult are astronomical, but somehow nature sees to it that enough will defy the odds and return to spawn thus ensuring another generation of salmon for humans and animals to benefit from. 

Pictures taken by Ernest Helton
Last updated on: Apr 18,

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