Whoa,  fish on!  Better get some of that slack line on the reel. I quickly strip the loose line in until the rod pulls tight to the fish. I  lock the flyline against the rod and then crank the slack line I've stripped in onto the spool as fast as I can.  Luckily for me the hook holds during that brief interval when neither fish nor fisherman are in control.  With composure regained it's time to begin the battle.  I start to put line on the reel feeling confident that I'm in charge this time around and that the contest will be over quickly.  In an instant the fish has realized the predicament he's in and begins a wild run downstream that quickly leaves me hoping that the reel's drag is not too tight.  The excitement generated by this encounter is truly exhilarating.  It makes me feel alive.

Pictures taken by Jimmy Harvey
Last updated on: Nov 21, 1999

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