Burgess Relatives

Amos Dawson 1802 married Mary Parlee Black 1806.
Their 3rd child was Amos Dawson Jr. 1829. Amos Jr. married Rebecca Burgess. Rebecca Burgess has been difficult to find in the research; all the Burgess relations have had similar problems finding this family. However, we now have some data from a few people: Aimee and Susan.

Aimee is from Rebecca's line while Susan is from Rebecca's brother. So that is nice-- to have confirmation of the information from two directions. Much thanks to both for their work. Contact linl for them is accessed by clicking into their underlined name.

Summary of Lineage:

Joseph Burgess Sr. born 1767 , died Oct. 16, 1824. (wife unknown)
......Joseph Burgess Jr. b. betw. 1797-1800. married Percy
..............Children of Joseph and Percy Burgess
  • Rebecca
  • William
  • Coleman (Colman)
  • Asberry (Asbury)
  • Sarah
Here is a PDF of the information, more explicit details than the summary.
Click Here to open PDF This includes census data and explanations.

Details of the children of Joseph Jr. and Percy

Burgess family lived and worked on the Easterly Farm, a few thousand acres in Cocke Co., near Greene Co.

Rebecca married Amos Dawson Jr. Feb. 14, 1848. (How romantic. Did they have Valentine's Day back then???) William Coleman (Colman) married Feroby (Pheroby)