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Mead (Meady) is the daughter of John's wife, Elizabeth Miller. April 22, 2006
I would like to know who Mead Leadford is if anyone knows. (from Randall Bible)
(see picture of Mead Ledford in the John Dawson Family on the Cudge (Kudge) page.
ANSWERED IN 2011....John is son of Cudge (Kudge). Sarah might have always talked about "Uncle Cudge" but indications are that he was her grandfather, not her uncle. March 30, 2006
Looking for a connection between Alfred "Cudge" Dawson and John Dawson b. 1875. (from Randall Bible)
Feb. 15, 2006 (poster not named until permission given)................
I have been searching for an Etherton connection to the Dawson's for years. This is a little later than what I am looking for, but I think there was an Etherton connection prior to 1800. In "The Intruders", in 1804, Etherton Dawson received permission to cross the Cherokee lands of Tennessee to Franklin County, GA. He was listed by himself (other entries list multiple people when there were multiple people traveling together). He would have had to be grown, therefore, probably born 1780 give or take. In 1810, my ancestor, Francis Etherton Dawson, was born in TN and is found on the 1850 census in IL. I do not know who his parents were, but feel there must be some connection to the Etherton Dawson crossing the Cherokee lands prior to this birth (father, grandfather, uncle or cousin). The Etherton name passed through several generations of my family. Do you happen to know of any Etherton/Dawson unions prior to Polly and William?

Feb 8, 2006..........
I wonder what Shade Reese's given name was? he was b. January 17, 1886