Dawson DNA Project

Project Coordinator: Nora Salter, Technical Assistant: Dianna Taplin
Nora has instigated- and will coordinate- a DNA project for the Amos '02 line. The goal is to find a link from Amos to his parents or siblings so as to take the line back one or more generations.

At least one more test would be helpful to clarify the Dawson dna footprint.
Any male descendant of Amos Dawson 1802 who would like to join this effort, please either write, or sign up for a test on your own at the FTdna website listed above. Thank You!
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Our Code is D 10

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Update 7/8/07

Nora has rounded up another DNA tester and has sent him the test. For now we will call him DNACousin #3. It will take a month or 1.5 months to see any results from this.

Meanwhile, I went to the Y-search page and the worldfamilies.net page and found new features for comparisons of the dna samples. From my limited knowledge of such things, it looks like there might be one or two testers with a genetic distance of 1 from our Dawson. Problem is..... those two testers don't give much locality or ancestry data so I could not take that thread much farther.

Also, Nora is still contacting every possible male Dawson in hopes of getting a broad base of dna, the goal being to find Amos '02 parentage. Contact Nora if you have ideas.

Update 5/23/07
A second test has been processed. This Update gives specifics for both of our Dawson testers, and gives links to FTdna and Ysearch websites for more information.

Ysearch page showing all Dawsons tested in the Dawson name group.
Two testers so far: Vern and Norm (&new #3)

Vern id=G8PSR
Haplogroup I ia

Marker pageClick this to see the website version of the markers
Same numbers......
   DYS 393  DYS 390  DYS 19/394  DYS 391  DYS 385a  
DYS 385b DYS 426 DYS 388 DYS 439 DYS 389-1 13 22 14 11 14 14 11 14 11 12 DYS 392 DYS 389-2 11 28 Haplogroup: I (tested) Last name: Dawson
This page shows the names of the testers that matched Vern:
Surname Matches and emails
This page shows testers that matched Vern's haplogroup
Haplogroup Matches listed
Norm id=F66KY
Haplogroup H1b1
Marker page
DYS 393  DYS 390  DYS 19/394  DYS 391  DYS 385a  
DYS 385b DYS 426 DYS 388 DYS 439 DYS 389-1 13 24 14 11 11 14 12 12 13 14 DYS 392 DYS 389-2 DYS 589 13 30 3 Haplogroup: R1b1c1 (Originally tested, but later changed to H1b1) Last name: Dawson

Note: The Surname and the Haplogroup lists are not always the same. Use the Toggle Box to select which list you choose to view.

This page shows the names of the tested people who matched Norm: On the Dawson surname list (one name)
surname match
On the haplogroup list:
Haplogroup matches
Surprisingly, when the toggle is set to see the matches in the Dawson Surname, we find only one person with the Dawson name matching Norm, but 13 matching Vern. The numbers even out more when viewed in the haplogroup version.
Update 11/30/06
We have been notified that our markers have been matched with several others. At this point, the matches are not specifically our Amos family, but it's a step in the right direction. Nora is working on finding more testers.

We have uploaded the gedcom to YSearch.org so that others can compare results.

Update 11/20/06
The test came back inconclusive- that is- we haven't matched anyone in the database...yet. Bonnie clarifies this for us:

On the DNA results and no match at present - it can mean a number of things.
First of course is that there currently is not another Dawson from our line in the project. When we began the Thomas project,
we were encouraged to have at least two know males from the same ancestor,
preferrably down different branches be tested. Once this is done
and a match is established, then we would have a "DNA footprint" of our Thomas line.
If another known Dawson from Amos can be matched to Vern,
then we have our Dawson footprint. It rules out an non-paternity and any adoption, etc. It establishes the
various branches of Amos. Then it just becomes a waiting game to find new "cousins" who
will share their genealogy paper trails with us.

Test type Y-DNA12. This test is the beginning test, you can go higher, but for now we'll start at the bottom then work our way up

The test requires a male descendant with the same surname. That's where Vern comes in:

Amos 1802
...Drury 1827
......James Andrew 1853
.........Drury Edward 1882
............Drury Ervin 1926
............... Vernon Ray

Summary of potential test results:
What it will tell us, if we find some male Dawson's to be tested, is that if their paper trail matches ours we can begin to build a family tree that also has the DNA proof as well. To "Prove" our DNA though, we'd want more than one from separate branches of the tree. That confirms that the two (once matched) are from the same common ancestor. And if they both have a genealogy that ties together, then we'd be in good shape!

Progress so far (most recent at the top):
Sept 18, '06
Nora has contacted other cousins who might have male Dawson descendants.
Sept. 17, '06
Nora has filed the paperwork and paid the fee.

Results Website
Nora will get a personal, private web page which displays the results for the test she presented. Everyone else can view the 6 page public website just for the project at:

The page navigation is in the rectangles across the top. You'll find the Patriarch and Results pages to be most important over time, but will want to look at all of the pages to see what is there.

The code identity on the PUBLIC pages is D-10. The most important thing we do is to correlate genealogies to DNA results, using only the public identity code (D-10).

In order to do this, we (Worldfamilies.net) need your ancestry. We use a special format that we call the "pedigree". It is a "stripped down" version that only gives the man, his birth date and place and the wife's name. By having this for each generation, we (and you) can see at a glance who each family is and where they have been.

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