Dan and Lynne "Living The Dream" in Alaska

Living The Dream in the "Last Frontier"

The Pictures on these pages are property of Dan & Lynne Solodon. Dan wanted to share his travels with you in this form to show you where a person who has a dream of retiring can actually end up. One of Dan's dreams was to retire in the most beautiful place in the world and Dan discovered that when he visited Alaska. Dan visited the "Last Frontier" while in the Military and when he saw the beauty it possessed he wanted to come back and live there the rest of his life.

Knowing that not all of our wishes, hopes and dreams come true in a persons life, he didn't think that it would be possible. Dan says that what brought him to this beautiful place was a prayer to the man upstairs when Dan was in the middle of a life changing situation. An opportunity came up for him to complete his dream and he reached up with both hands and took the opportunity. Dan and Lynne just picked up their world and drove in the middle of winter to Alaska. Most people would have hesitated, but not Dan and Lynne, they just went for it and have not been more happier since they took the opportunity. Dan thanks the people that saw his ability in the High Technological field that he is in and his past experiences and educational qualities that made him a very successful person in the place he wanted most to go in the world.

Dan states that not everyone gets to live a dream because of outside influences pulling one in many directions, but if you don't go all out to take advantage of your life and move in the direction you want to go, you will never have the satisfaction of knowing what the outcome could have been. Dan and Lynne are very happy in the "Last Frontier" living out their dreams everyday and enjoying life. Alaska is not for everyone, but if you show up some day and stay for a couple weeks you may find yourself in the same light Dan saw many years ago before grabbing all he could and steering his life instead of letting others cloud his visions.

Dan and his family hope you enjoy the sites of the "Last Frontier" in his pictorial of Alaska.

Pictures of Alaska "The Last Frontier" 2005

Moose Pics 2005
Iditarod 2005 Re-Start

All pictures and artwork are Copyright © 2006 to Daniel Solodon, of Alaska