Juneau Office
Court Plaza Building
240 Main Street, Suite 600
Juneau, Alaska, U.S.A.
Phone: (907) 463-2523
Fax: (907) 463-2503
Anchorage office
Post Office Box 111861
Anchorage, Alaska
U.S.A. 99511
Phone: (907) 522-2600
Fax: (907) 522-2602
Juneau Office Building Alaska Capitol
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David Parish is an independent business and non-profit consultant, lobbyist, entrepreneur and author. For over 30 years he has called Alaska his home base for a diverse set of local, national and international clients. These clients range from resource industries, engineering and construction, and healthcare firms to programs for autism and developmental disabilities, teen suicide and child abuse prevention, youth tobacco and marijuana prevention, and public broadcasting. His client and volunteer experience reflects a deep belief that a robust economy with strong environmental stewardship is critical to providing the resources necessary to support healthy communities. An active outdoor enthusiast, David is a tireless advocate who has served on numerous community boards spearheading programs for children, especially those improving parks and recreational opportunities.