Resurrection Pass 50 Miler
Cooper Landing, Alaska

Saturday, August 9, 2003
Eighth Annual
6 a.m. start


Resurrection Pass 100 Miler
Hope, Alaska

Friday, August 8, 2003
Inaugural Edition
3 p.m. start

*** Marquez and Udchachon Victorious ***

The 50 Miler is a point-to-point adventure run with 38 miles of rolling trail and 12 miles of mostly uphill dirt road.  There are no aid stations, no awards, and no entry fee.  Race start is at the south trail head of the Resurrection Pass Trail near Cooper Landing, Alaska.

The 100 Miler is an out-and-back adventure run on the 50 Miler course.  There are no aid stations, no awards, and no entry fee.   Race start is at Couer d'Alene campground on the Palmer Creek Road near Hope, Alaska.

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 Thursday Night Epic Run

View towards American Creek from the Resurrection Pass Trail (Ron Nicholl photo)

Number of 50 Miler Participants in 2003:  11 (9 finishers - 5 females; 4 males)

50 Miler Course Records:  J.T. Lindholm 6:59:55 (2001)
Julie Udchachon 8:17:19 (2003)

Number of 100 Miler Participants in 2003:  11 (7 finishers - 4 females; 3 males)

100 Miler Course Records:  Eliseo Marquez 20:48:45 (2003)
Monica Scholz 22:06:36 (2003)


Robert L. DeVelice

907-743-9437 (day)          907-243-3073 (night)