Giant cabbage
If you think this cabbage is big . . .
You should see the one that won. This is one of the runners-up to the 89-pound winner. I'm pretty sure that's a pumpkin rather than a tomato just to the right of it. As for the smaller vegetable that looks like a brussels sprout . . . Nah, it couldn't be.

The 1996

Alaska State Fair

Clown lids
Even these garbage can lids wore happy faces at the 1996 State Fair -- in this case, perhaps it was because they weren't attached to garbage cans.

Native doll

This prize-winning doll depicts an Alaska Native holding feathered, dance fans.


Not far from the giant vegetable exhibit, a blacksmith was forging swords while you wait. Just the thing for cutting the giant cabbage.

Fair crowd
By late afternoon crowds were growing around the stands that offered everything from pottery and T-shirts to chances of winning land in the Matanuska Valley.

candy rule

Going to the Fair

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