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Many of the food stalls at the Alaska State Fair are conveniently close to the Midway. It's probably better to eat after, rather than before, going on the rides though.

The 2002

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Food stalls at the 2002 state fair had something for everyone -- unless they were calory-conscious. There were even some regional specialties from outside Alaska: Pennsylvania Dutch funnel cake and Southern fried catfish, red beans and rice.

peanut caramel apple More conventional -- but still exotic -- offerings included: chili corn dogs, clam chowder- or chili-filled bread bowls, elephant ears, bear claws (this is Alaska, but even so it’s just a pastry, not the real thing), turkey drumsticks, cotton candy, caramel apples, candy apples, deep-fried onion flowers, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, veggie burgers, chicken burgers, buffalo burgers, gyros, pita bread, pizza, and, of course, hot dogs,

biggest cabbageBy the last day of the fair, this food looked a lot better than the prize winning baked goods and vegetables in the exhibit barns. Some just looked dried out; others had signs of what in a few more days might have been prize winning growths of fungus. Even the winning entry in the giant cabbage contest, an 89-pound behemoth, didn't look like it could win a place in any bacon-lettuce-and-tomato sandwich.

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Going to the Fair

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