The Civil War Era McNeals

William McNeal's Family

William A. McNeal - Penninah Jackson
(September 1804 - July 27, 1879) - (June 27, 1810 - Nov. 7, 1893)
Henry McNeal
(December 1838 - Dec. 9, 1861)
Allan McNeal
( December 1842 - Sept. 24, 1864)
Louisa Jane McNeal - Wilson De Garmo
(1833 - May 1, 1896)- (July 15, 1833 - March 1888)
According to family records, William Allen McNeal was born in Ohio of parents of Irish descent. Though there is some doubt about his parents' names, his father may also have been named William Allen. His mother (or possibly an aunt) appears to have been named Abigail. An Abigail McNeal, age 77, is listed in the 1850 census as living with Mathis McNeal. William married Penninah Jackson, who also was born in Ohio, in 1829. They moved to Indiana and then, with a colony of relatives, moved to Iowa in 1854 and settled at South English.

William and Penninah McNeal had two other children, a daughter who died in infancy and a son, John, who died in California.

Family of William's brother, Mathis

Mathis McNeal - Elizabeth ?
David McNeal - Elizabeth Campbell

(Sept. 8, 1840 -
Feb. 12, 1926 )

Rosaltha McNeal
(b. about 1843)
John McNeal
(b. about 1847)

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Information on this page was obtained from family records and other McNeal descendants who have visited the Iowa Civil War Web site.