VRML2.0 -a sampling of recent and not so recent works.
Home My present homepage.
Polygon Playground Still in good working shape.
Logo From way back.
Everyman's stereo Divide the screen with a piece of paper or envelope, and place your face against it so you are viewing one image per eye. Make the midline converge. Walla! Stereo.
-from the fantasy set
William Tell Be careful where you aim that thing!
Lavacave Linked from Wizard's Vale.
Wizard's Vale If you have the patience there are several links out of this world.
-from Above and Below
Above and Below2 Over two years old, but much is still working. No sound or boat ride though.
Shipwreck One of five dive sites linked from A&B.
Egeus VRMLDream
Lysander VRMLDream
Hermia VRMLDream
Helena VRMLDream
Demetrius VRMLDream
Puck VRMLDream (not used)
Orc For an upcoming short story.
Robot Old, but working.
Proteinman rides again. The last surviving remnant of Pman. If you've seen Wizard's Vale you've already seen this.
-Irish Space Sorry-broken

VRML1.0 -if you visit these worlds it is generally not a good idea to follow the links out. Also you will need to increase your movement speed. A sampling of over 50 past 1.0 worlds.
The VRGroup The second VRML world I built. Pre-WebFX. Amazingly, it still works well.
Alaska map My home state.
Middle Earth map
Univar project spaceport One of 15 live3D worlds (still working somewhat) for a connected world series. Originally done as multiuser.