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SGC Rascoons Toklat of Denalicoons 
Maine Coon cats are America's native longhaired cat. The name comes from the state of Maine and the fact that the cat's most common color, brown tabby, reminded some people of raccoons. Denalicoons is our cattery name featuring these great cats. Denalicoons Cattery is a breeder member of the Maine Coon Breeders and Fanciers Association (MCBFA) which is dedicated to preserving the breed.

We started showing Maine Coons in 1991 and delivered our first Maine Coon litters in 1994. Our cattery is not large as we strive for quality, not quantity. The cattery is TICA and CFA registered.

Toklat If you have been at cat shows outside of Alaska, you may have seen Stitch-N-Time Embroidery as a vendor. The image at the left is a sample of their work. We had them scan a picture of our boy, SGC Rascoons Toklat of Denalicoons, for some shirts for us. It turned out so well they now use our Toklat as one of their standard images. Even if Stitch-N-Time isn't at the show, you may still see some exhibitors with Toklat on their shirts.

You can e-mail us at denalimc@alaska.net.
We can be reached in the evenings at (907) 349-7798.
Last updated: December 31, 1998 by Valerie Johnston