Three Bugs

Three Old Bugs

The white bug is a '65 that I bought in Fairbanks for $100. It was the first VW we owned in Alaska. It had been layed on the passenger side and the door would not open and had to be power shifted, but I had not had a VW for a few years and was having withdrawls and had to have one. Back then it was hard to come across a bug for sale up here. I got the problems taken care of and drove it for a couple of years before it's engine gave up. Got another 40 hp motor for $150 but it only lasted about six months. During the time I drove it I rolled it one winter on some rain slickened ice. Rolled about five times got it upright and went to work. Was only an hour late.

The red bug cost $550 and had an engine that lasted about a year. I only wanted the motor to put in the blue bug and it was the only VW I could find for sale at the time. People always want more for a motor minus the car so I always wait and get the whole ride. Parts.

Behind the red bug is a '64 bug covered with a blue tarp. This one also cost $100 with no engine. Has the original manual in the glove box. Hoping to make it a project car someday. But then so was the guy who owned it before me.

UPDATE Thursday, August 21, 1997

The '65 white bug is going to be striped down to it's body, a hole cut in the roof and turned into a planter. The red bug is going to be baja'd. And the restoration bug is still waiting to be restored.

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