'70 White Bus #2

Bus Two

This bus I bought for $75 hoping to get a running motor out of it but it turned out to be no good (not much luck with used motors which is why I bought the GEX). Nice front bumper eh? I really had no plans on ever owning a bus but now that I do I want to get one of the white buses running. This one has nothing behind the front seats but has a hammock that goes over the front seats and a hammock in the pop-top. Be a blast to drive and camp out in. Only during the summer though.

UPDATE Thursday, August 21, 1997

This bus is going to be the one we fix up to drive on the hyway. It's canvas is still in fairly good shape. Since it is empty we can do anything we want to the interior which will be fun. Needs a lot of work, but isn't that half the joy of old VWs'.

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