Kate Boyan of Homer Alaska has been working with seed beads for  32 years. This labor intensive medium can be obsessive. Her having a  genuine love and fascination for these tiny glass objects make the long  hours at the bead table worthwhile. The finished pieces are usually leather purses because she likes the idea of utilitarian art. Of her purses Boyan says ”I try to achieve depth and perspective using the direction I lay the beads.” Now, Kate works from her recently opened second story gallery. There are breath taking views of Cook Inlet and steaming volcanos, making it an environment conducive to creativity. Kate’s Gallery features primarily Boyan’s work ,but also displays other artists pieces such as Robert and Guiguite Yett’s beautiful lampworked beads and Susan Anniskett’s ( a renowned bead artist) bags and jewelry. The gallery is located at mile 148 Sterling Highway and is open from May 1st to September 30th. http://www.gigsbeads.com/shapeimage_1_link_0
kate boyan                  custom beadwork