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The Flat Earth Society is always pleased to welcome new members into its ranks. After all, the organization has been around for 451 years. If we failed to allow outsiders to join us, the whole organization wouldn't really be able to last too long, now, would it?

But we also cannot take the risk of simply letting anyone in that feels so inclined. Followers of Efimovich's teachings are always eager to infiltrate our group and undermine what we are trying to accomplish. So, to deal both with the painstakingly time-consuming task of interviewing each individual applicant separately, and to avoid being overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of those wishing to be a member of the Flat Earth Society, we have developed an easier way to screen applicants, and get them out and working in as short a time as possible.

To that end, we have put together this survey. Fill in every blank below, and then press the "Send" button to transmit your application for approval by one of our fine Flat Earth Society officers. The results will be sent back to you as pass/fail only, and you should receive notification and further instructions within two weeks.

Flat Earth Society Membership Survey

In a short, well-organized essay, please list your reasons for wanting to join the Flat Earth Society.

How did you find our webpage? 

Which is your favorite historical figure? 
Rasputin Napoleon Bonaparte Tony Blair Attila The Hun

We at the Flat Earth Society thank you for taking the time to make our flat world a better place.