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Conflict is an unavoidable part of our lives that can tear the fabric of our families and communities. The Resolution Center believes conflict presents both a challenge and an opportunity to heal and restore relationships. We promote peaceful conflict resolution that empowers the parties, generates open and honest communication, results in mutually agreeable solutions, and encourages respect for others. The Resolution Center is founded on principles of restorative justice and collaboration.

 What is Mediation? …a process in which a neutral third party helps disputing parties arrive at a mutually acceptable solution to their conflict. In the process, agreement and disagreement are carefully explored, information is shared, options are developed and the interests of each party are clarified. The decision-making power and responsibility remain with the parties and the goal is an equitable settlement based on consensus. Mediation is always voluntary and confidential. Mediation is NOT counseling, legal advice, punishment, psychotherapy or arbitration.

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Victim-Youth Offender Mediation: we bring both a victim and a youth offender together face to face. The goal is to personalize the crime for the juvenile by providing the victim a safe and relaxed forum in which to tell the offender about the impact of the crime. Victims have the opportunity to ask questions that might not otherwise be answered. They have an opportunity to ask for and receive an apology. In this program, youth offenders are held accountable, have the opportunity to understand the harm they have caused and make restitution.

 Parent-Adolescent Mediation (PAM): The Resolution Center provides a confidential, safe process to help families resolve problems. Sometimes all a family needs is someone who can help them talk and more importantly to listen to each other. In PAM, teens are heard; parents are heard and both work together to resolve problem. We accept community referrals for our PAM program.

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