Only CERTIFIED potato seed sold at Cad-Re Feeds

All the potatoes we stock are Certified Disease-Free and guarnteed type. Using Alaska Certified seed helps to keep the State crops disease-free. The potatoes we stock from Ebbesson Farms are also certified Organic.

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~~2015 List See Below~~
Arrival Date will be mid-April

Note: Ebbesson Farms announced they have retired from the potato business. The farm is for sale.
  • Magic Myrna
  • All Red
  • Ididared
  • Cal White
  • Superior
  • Yukon Gold
  • German Butterball
  • All Blue
  • Magic Molly
  • Cal White Russet
  • Gold Rush
3,640 lbs ordered

~Expect arrivals in mid-April.
~Call to order:907-262-4698
~Varieties available change each year according to crop situations.
YELLOW Seed Potatoes

    Yellow flesh and skin - high yielding - very popular
  • SANGRE- (also listed in Red potatoes)
    Creamy, flavorful yellow flesh in a red skin.
  • PEANUT (also listed in Peanut category)
    Yellow flesh, tan skin, unique flavor. Good in stew.
WHITE Seed Potatoes

    Purple skin with snow white flesh. Boil, bake, or fry it. Especially good when mashed.
  • AK 114- developed in Alaska
    White skin and flesh - good all purpose - stores well
  • DENALI- developed in Alaska- All purpose
    White skin and flesh - excellent baker; most solid of any potato. Hard, round, tend to shatter crack.
    White skin and flesh - matures early
  • SNOWCHIP- developed in Alaska (not available)
    White skin and flesh - good chipper - frys - bakes
  • BAKE KING- All purpose.
    White skin and flesh - good baker - uniform shape. Susceptible to scab.
  • FROSTLESS- developed in Alaska(not available)
    Flat shaped - frost resistant to 28 degrees - bakes well
  • TUNDRA- developed in Alaska - our new variety (not available) !
    White skin and flesh - very early - does it all potato
  • SHEPODY-All Purpose
    Bred to give more extra-long french fries. White, thin-skinned, high solids, shallow eyes.
  • GREEN MOUNTAIN-All Purpose (no longer available)
    Lots of vines so is more apt to overcome adverse growing conditions. Thin skin.
  • CAL-WHITE -(limited)
    Oblong, shaped like Bake King but whiter meat. Smooth skin.
  • SUPERIOR Good all around potato. Stores well, early harvester, good yield.

RED Seed Potatoes

  • MAGIC MYRNA-Specialty Variety.
    Limied amounts. Fingerling type with ribbons of red and white.
    medium-early maturing potato. Emerges rapidly, medium vine with red/purple flowers. Oval to oblong with bright red skin. Flesh is white. Shallow eyes. For those who prefer a red potato, these are heavy producers, and remain a smaller, uniform size. Stores very well.
    oblong, bright red with creamy white flesh. Makes larger potatoes later in the season. Stays together when boils, will not crumble.
    Oval with red skin and white flesh. An all-purpose red potato. It producesvery good harvest.
  • ROBINTA Light red, almost pink, has white eyes, smooth, oblong, very heavy producer. Sizes up well in mid-season.
  • REDSEN Medium to high yield. very bright red, holds its color in storage.
  • AK RED- developed in Alaska
    Red skin - white flesh
  • IDITARED- developed in Alaska
    Very red skin - yellow flesh - very early and grows quite large if left until frost. - stores well
  • RED PONTIAC- An old variety
    High quality red potato; good color and white meat.
  • SANGRE-Light Red
    High quality light red skin with gold flesh. Sizes up well.
  • RUBY-(limited quanities)
    Good producer
  • REDA-Not as red as Iditared or Pontiac
    More a pink color, sizes up well.
  • HUCKLEBERRY Splashes of red color in the flesh, with red skin
  • IDAROSE good growing red potato
  • ALASKA RED EYE unique white potato with red eyes, all purpose
    (Not available)

RUSSET Seed Potatoes

    Another good yielder. Stores very well, resistance to shatter crack. Beautiful snow white meat wit an even brown russet skin.
  • NORKOTA Russet
    Baker. White, dry flesh with typical baker skin.
  • HIGHLAT Russet- developed in Alaska
    Russet skin - white flesh - good baker
  • GOLD RUSH- all purpose
    Large, flat, oblong, with brown, netted skin, white meat. Very good quality. Stores well. Resists scab.

PEANUT Seed Potatoes

  • GERMAN BUTTERBALL small, golden inside, good for stew
  • PEANUT-new local variant- developed in Alaska
    Peanut shaped - yellow flesh - hash browns
  • YELLOW FINN- limited quanities
    Small, peanut shaped, yellow flesh. Holds shape when boiled (good in stew).


  • GLACIER BLUE- developed in Alaska
    Blue skin - blue flesh - decorates salads
  • SWEET HEART- developed in Alaska
    Red skin - red flesh - decorates salads
  • ALL BLUE-for special occaisions
    Purple with white and purple mottled meat. Stores well, round to oblong shape. Real unique.
  • PPPF (BLACK BEAUTY)-experimental
    Dark purple skin, solid dark purple meat. Elongated. Something different.
  • MAGIC MOLLY (blue thru and thru)


Low ph (NO lime)
Fertilizer 8-32-16 OR Bone Meal, in a trench 2 inches under seeds.
Cut or don’t cut, according to size of potato
Each piece needs 2 or more eyes.  
If cut, dry them 2 days before planting
Plant 18 inches apart, with rows 2.5 ft apart
Put in a shallow trench in the hilled row,  
Cover with 4 in. soil
Every few weeks, rake more soil up toward the plant.
This “hilling” prevents potatoes from coming out of the soil

Dig them up after they quit flowering.  If you wait till plants are killed by frost,
 the potatoes will be even bigger.


  Type of exercising good for older folks 

This is for older people only ...... younger people try it at their own 
   But those who are getting along in years, and would like to adopt this 
  regimen, three days a week works well. 

  Begin by standing straight, with a 5-LB. Potato sack in each hand. 

   Extend your arms straight out from your sides and hold them there as 
  long as you can - try to reach a full minute. 

  After a few weeks, move up to 10-LB. Potato sacks, and then 50-LB. 
  potato sacks, and eventually try to get to where you can lift a 100-LB 
  potato sack in each hand and hold your arms straight out for more than 
  a full minute. 

   After you feel confident at that level, start putting a couple of 
  potatoes in each of the sacks, but be careful not to overdo it.