Say NO to cruelty and neglect.

Say Yes to Alaska Equine Rescue
Alaska Equine Rescue
P.O. Box 113265
Anchorage, AK 99511


IRS number 92-0135114
Donations are tax deductible.

Never, ever look the other way. If you see horses or any other animals being abused and neglected, get help. Call your local animal control agency if you have one. Call the State Troopers if you don't. Don't let anyone tell you they can't do anything. They can, and they must. And call us. We will do everything possible to see that something is done.

By sending a donation today, you can help pay for grain, hay, vet care, and farrier care.

Adult Sponsorship ($25 per year)
Family Sponsorship($40 per year)
Junior Sponsorship ($10 per yer)
Business Sponsorship ($100 per year)

Other ways to help:
  • Be a foster Home.
  • Donate funds or Feed.
  • Help provide Transportation.
  • Help with fund raisers.

ALASKA EQUINE RESCUE is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to help starving, neglected and abused hooved animals in Alaska, especially horses. We try to prevent future instances of starvation and neglect through a network of education and teamwork. Alaska Equine Rescue consists entirely of volunteers, and is self-supporting through contributions from the public.

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