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Cad-Re Custom Lawn Mix

is a sturdy, good-looking mix of grass seeds that work for many lawn situations, including shade, traffic, and looks. For best results, a lawn planted with Cad-Re Custom Mix requires average care with water, lime and fertilizer. The approximate mix includes: In a lawn mix, the fescues provide the sturdiness needed for shade and traffic areas. Fescue will thrive with minimal care, and will take over an area from the bluegrass in the worst conditions. Bluegrass fares best with regular care; with fertilizer, lime and water, the bluegrass will continue to grow. Without care, the lawn will eventually become mostly fescue. Ryegrass functions in a mix by providing a quick start to a new lawn. Rye is a coarse grass that sprouts in about a week; it holds the lawn together until the fescue and bluegrass get well-started. Ryegrass will not come back the next year in Alaska.

Lawn Planting Instructions

1. Till soil to a depth of 6 inches. Rake, level, and roll the soil with a light weight roller to eliminate any low spots. Work fertilizer into top two inches and roll with a light roller.

2. Lightly rake soil so seed will fall in furrows made by teeth of rake. Sow seed at the recommended rate. Sow in two directions for even distribution.

3. Roll or tamp the area carefully to firmly press the seeds into the soil.

4. Keep the seed bed moist until germination is complete. In the beginning use a fine mist to avoid washing the seed away. A new planting should never be allowed to dry out until well established. A light application of peat moss or other moisture holding mulch can be spread on top to help retain moisture. After the grass is established, heavier but less frequent watering is desireable.