You'll be wild about flying a Buckeye!

The Buckeye Powered Parachute is second to none in quality standards, design, performance, and most of all; safety. The simple fact is you can't buy a better powered parachute.

The beauty of powered parachute flying that unlike the conventional fixed wing aircraft, no previous flight experience is required. For the pilot that would like to fly without worry, here is an aircraft that can't stall, loop, roll, or dive. You can learn how to fly quickly, easily, and safely with about 2 hours of training.

Only 20-30 hours are required to assemble the Buckeye kit, one of the lowest build times in the industry. Starting at $8325, the Buckeye is an incredibly low cost way to fly.

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What is a powered parachute?

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Get set to soar!

A powered parachute is an affordable way to have a blast! Whether you want to fly high through the sky at 10,000 feet, or stay low to the ground hugging the trees, powered parachutes are the simplest, funnest, and above all, safest way to fly! Aside from being a safe and fun recreational flying vehicle, the Buckeye is a great help to scout out game, such as fish, moose, or any other big game. Ranchers find it useful for surveying their crops or locating their lost animals.

Experience flight the way it was meant to be...

With a Buckeye Powered Parachute, you're in complete control at all times. It glides smoothly, and is easy to handle. The simple throttle machanism controls ascent and descent. Turning is as easy as pushing the foot controls. This is a hands-free machine, so you're free to take pictures, film, or even have an in-flight snack. Set'er down easy? No problem! The Buckeye's oversized wheels and fiberglass torsion bar suspension make for silky landings and takeoffs. Tricycle landing gear construction steers easily for ground control as well...

Buckeye Powered Parachute's acquirements...

Buckeye Industries and Performance Designs have worked together throught flight-testing to develop a new Windjammer 500 canopy. Combinging the award winning Buckeye airframe to the brand new Windjammer canopy puts Buckeye into a new level of performance. Buckeye Industries have won many competitions including the annual Sun'n'Fun. It's been rated best in the industry 3 years running and the only powered parachute to receive such awards, and it's all because Buckeye has made several successful innovations that have made their product the #1 selling powered parachute in the world.

For our customers, only the best will do...

Buckeye Powered Parachutes
Carriage Two-Person Dream Machine Single-Person Eagle
Model 503 582 447 503
Empty Weight 250 lbs. 300 lbs. 220 lbs. 230 lbs.
Payload# 350 450 285 310
Wing Area 500 Square Feet 450 Square Feet
Fabric 1.1 oz Soar Coat 1.1 oz Soar Coat
Fuel Capacity 8 Gallon 5 Gallon
Kit Assembly 20 - 30 hours 20 - 30 hours
Power Plant
Rotax Engine 503 582 447 503
All engines are twin cylinder, two cycle
Horsepower 52 66 40 46
Max. Speed 30 mph 26 mph
Stall Speed Virtually stall resistant Virtually stall resistant
Cruise Speed 30 26
Glide Ratio* 3.47 to 1 3.81 to 1
Descent Rate/Max. 11 ft per second 10 ft per second
Fuel Consumption 3 gal per hour 2.5 gal per hour
Rate of Climb* 300-600 ft. per minute 650 ft./min 700 ft./min
Takeoff Roll 150-500 ft 150-300 ft
Landing Roll 100 feet 100 feet
Ceiling 10,500 feet 10,500 feet

# the payload is defined as combined total weight of pilot, passenger (if two-place) and accessories.
* The glide ratio and rate of climb will vary, depending on payload and atmospheric conditions.

Weather conditions...

The Buckeye powered parachute is able to make it through approximately 15 MPH winds, and can make it through anything, be it rain, sleet, or snow. Although, after you're done in bad conditions, you must hang the parachute up in a hangar of sorts to let dry. It is able of going for hours your enjoyment, without running out of fuel.

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