Weep Not

Weep not.
Do not cry for me.
You know not what I have seen.
Iíve beheld wonder and terror alike.

Dawnís cold light and summerís warm rain
Have both touched me inside.
I have heard my friendís laugh,
And I have seen my friends bleed.
It is enough and now I go in peace.

I go not quietly, nor gently into that good night.
But I go content and with little regret.
For I have lived and I have loved.
I cannot ask for more than that.
I have lived a lifetime, like all people born.

Do not cry for me.
Instead, think of this:
I have made you happy, I heard you laugh.
I regret I cannot do it again.
When you think of me, please smile like before.

This text is copywrited by Brad Colver, 1997. It may be duplicated as long as the the copywrite stays with it.

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