Teach Me

Teach me to dream, to fly far and away,
To twirl through grass on a bright, sunny day.
Teach me to dream to reach for a star.
Open my eyes and lead me afar.

I could fly with the sylphs, soaring so high,
On a sun painted cloud, the moon drawing nigh.
I could play with the sylphs between rolls of thunder,
Never falling too far, but yielding to wonder.

Or I could talk to the gnomes beneath a low hill,
In caverns of crystal, where gold and silver fill.
I could listen to gnomes, taking in their wise words.
Sitting buried below, unnoticed by birds.

Maybe I could sing with the sirines, diving quite deep.
Past colorful fishes and pink, coral reef.
I could join the sirines, raising my voice,
Teaching the whales a sweet tune, if such was my choice.

Then I could dance with the ‘manders, in flames quite hot.
From candle to hearth, under a great iron pot.
I could caper with the ‘manders, across merry flame,
Burning all in a pyre with no one to blame.

But given a chance I’d rather spend time with you.
See the world through your eyes and touch your heart too.
Share the tears of a friend and the laugh of a lover,
Each of us comforted in the arms of the other.

I don’t need this small lesson. I know how to dream.
I guess in this life things may be more than they seem.
Rather teach me to live, show me what I may do.
Hand in hand and together, and I’ll show you how too.

This text is copywrited by Brad Colver, 1997. It may be duplicated as long as the the copywrite stays with it.

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