Hundreds of them.
Thousnds, maybe.
Perhaps even millions.
The eye cannot really tell.
The threads twist and twine in a riotous multitude of color.
There's no real meaning to them.
They just are.

So many comprehension is impossible.
Slowly, tenativly, the watcher reaches out, fingers brushing against the mass; clear tones ringing at the disturbance. One rings differently and the hand hesitates as the ear strains to catch the whisper sound. A decision is made and deft fingers catch hold the thread. Holding it gently, feeling its steady pulse. Carefully, the thread is pulled from the tangle-mass. It resists, and the throbbing pulse increases. But the fingers continue to pull. And so a single thread, deep blue in color, hangs free from the the others. Quickly, before it realize's it's alone, the thread is set against the great loom. And with consumate care, a new soul is woven into life's tapestry.
Somewhere, the cry of a newborn breaks through the stillness.

This text is copywrited by Brad Colver, 1997. It may be duplicated as long as the the copywrite stays with it.

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