When you dream, what do you see?
Between the ocean and sand and stars and moon.
I can't help but wonder, do you see me?
Am I in your dreams? Let me know soon.

In your dreams, do you fly through the clouds?
Wild as a bird, free as the breeze.
Or do you wander the beach where the surf is loud?
Am I in your dreams? Tell me else my heart freeze.

In your dreams, while you walk,
Do hidden eyes watch your every act?
Does your heart beat fast like a ticking clock?
Am I in your dreams? Is this a fact?

In my dreams are hidden eyes.
Watching, waiting, following me.
But strangely, when they leave, my heart dies.
Are you in my dream? Is it you I see?

This text is copywrited by Brad Colver, 1997. It may be duplicated as long as the the copywrite stays with it.

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