In my dreams I want to dance, skip within some fey-ring.
A magical hymm and cheerful ditty drive my feet to motion,
And I play across a clover glade, or whatever else I fancy.
I skip along with the fey, dancing with this strange compulsion

I want to dance with the sylphs flying between the clouds.
With a whispering breeze and the howling gale to provide our song
And a a sun painted sky and fleecy clouds my floor to tread.
Who wouldn’t want to fly with the sylphs, dancing all day long?

I want to dance with the gnomes, a slow step beneath the hills.
The settling stone and crashing avalanche will provide our tune.
Whilst we shuffle by veins of silver and gold, stepping through crystal caves.
Who wouldn’t want to step with the gnomes, dancing under the moon?

I want to dance with the undines, dive deep beneath the waves.
The crashing surf and joyful whales will call the measure,
And we’ll dip low and swim fast between the coral reefs.
Who wouldn’t want to dive amidst the undines, dancing in their leisure?

I want to dance with the salamanders, capering in the flames.
The crackling of wood and the hiss of the fire will set the air.
As we dance a jig across the candles and the hearth.
Who wouldn’t want to caper with the salamanders, dancing in their lair?

I dance with life always, skirling about the world.
The smiles of a lover and the laughter of friends my rhyme.
And I dance and swing across the greens and home.
Why wouldn’t I want to skirl about life, dancing through my time?

This text is copywrited by Brad Colver, 1997. It may be duplicated as long as the the copywrite stays with it.

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