A Christmas Thought

These are the days where we all become frantic
And during the nights we’re a little bit manic.
The shops are stuffed full
Of people without lull,
And you can’t drive the road
Without anger’s harsh goad.

I think we all find at this time of year
We all need some laughter, joy, and good cheer.
To be reminded of the spirit,
That these days have some merit,
And despite the frustration
We are glad of creation.

So gather your friends from hither and yon,
Declare a fun party and watch them be drawn.
Promise them food and plenty to drink.
Promise them song with a smile and a wink.
And if that doesn’t work let them play with the dog,
Introduce them to the pets; even the frog.

Organize games, force them to have fun
Lock all the doors to make sure they can’t run.
But remember to put your valuables away
‘Cause guests have a habit of making you pray.
For recall last year what happened to the cat.
On second thought t’were best not to dwell upon that.

Happy Holiday’s

This text is copywrited by Brad Colver, 1997. It may be duplicated as long as the the copywrite stays with it.

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