A Wish for Wisdom

First, let's go to the Forest. You know, the ancient one. The wild one. It's from here, we'll collect Silence.
Next, we'll go to the stream just outside the Forest. See how it wends its way to and fro, in no hurry to get anywhere? That's where we'll find Patience.
For Serenity, we'll take a little walk over to the left there, and ask the clear, smooth lake to lend us a little.
Strength is next on the list, and for that we need a tall, strong oak. Fortunately, there's one providing shade right by the lake.
(Let's see now...make sure I have this right...Silence, Patience, Serenity, Strength...hmm...oh yes!)
I almost forgot to take from this gentle breeze. The wind knows how to Listen, and so should a person with wisdom.

That's it then. All the ingredients are here, including the rainbow just over yonder hill. So now we mix them.

Patience, I think, should be the base. Let's add a big dose of Serenity, to make the patience easier to use. Strength comes next, because some things will be hard to bear. With the deep Silence it will be easier to hear your own heart and others. Finally we come to Listening, which is very important, so we'll throw in an extra pinch. Maybe two.

Next we tie it all up tight, with that handy rainbow over there. Put your finger right here, while I tie the bow, lass. Bless your heart. Doesn't look like much, does it? That's because we have one final ingredient.
Your heart.
For without compassion, none of this will matter. That's the reason for the Silence, so you can know what your heart says, and Patience will allow you to bear the time as your heart decides. Strength is needed for the hard choices to come, while Serenity will allow you to surmount the unhappy events. And Listening will give your heart the information it will need to survive. So hold on tight, and don't lose this.

Finally, a well crafted wish, use it well.

May luck and rainbows fill your life.

Alan Nelson
The Leprechaun Corp

This text is copywrited by Brad Colver, 1997

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