A Valentine

Something for young lovers, good friends, and people who have just met.

As always the ingredients are important.
The gay laughter from a smiling nymph; pure delight for all that is.
From her pool, the captured reflection of a silent unicorn; perfect wonder by itself.
At a nearby faerie circle we’ll take three chords from a satyr’s pipe; that things will ever sound the sweeter.
And it wouldn’t hurt to take six steps from a dryad’s dance; a sure path to any goal.
Finally, a little charity from the sprites; for these helpful spirits have a knack for finding the appropriate gift.
And the mischievousness of a leprechaun; for the wee folk know the ways of the little mysteries and surprises.

From the laughter and the captured reflection, we’ll mingle delight and wonder to reveal the newness and beauty of all things.
From our captured chords and stolen steps we’ll weave a song that can lead any heart to what it feels.
And by combining our new found charity and mischief, the perfect plan to present the perfect gift will readily become apparent.

A very good wish indeed. What more could anyone ask? Love? Romance?
This is a wish for a Valentine.
Look around for the beauty about you, follow your heart to where it leads, and plan your surprise well for the person it leads to.
This wish won’t bring romance, though it may help you find it.
Nor will it bring love, though it may find you.
This is a wish for a Valentine. Invaluable for lovers, but also a good way to meet a new friend.

May luck and rainbows follow you. And love too.

Alan Nelson
The Leprechaun Corp

This text is copywrited by Brad Colver, 1997

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