Blueprints for a Teddy-Bear

The creation of a teddy-bear is a difficult process. It is no easy task to combine the love, acceptance, friendship, and understanding into such a small package; but it can be done.

For the body you have to use the biggest and bestest hug you can find and wrap it all up in the softest of furs.
Take sunshine and shadows and mix them together for dark eyes full of warmth.
A bit of fur from a real bear and the breath of the smallest breeze will create ears that will listen to everything a person will tell it.
Copy the smile of a best friend and the new bear will say very little, but even it’s silence can be so very much.
For stuffing we’ll fill it with the love of a brother and the bear will always accept you as you are.
If there’s room (and there is) we can add a single grain from an hourglass to insure that it will always have time for you.
Finally, we stitch it all together with a piece of your own heart.

The process is harder than it looks. Proceed with care. After all, this is a new friend you’re making.

CAUTION: With the trust and imagination of a child, the teddy-bear will be stronger, faster, and smarter than anyone. With a child’s blanket used as a cape, the bear will be unbeatable.

This text is copywrited by Brad Colver, 1997

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