A Recipe for a Rainbow:

(As made by REAL Leprechauns)
Step One: Gather the ingredients.
1) The love between two people, strained through a filter made from the petals of a red rose.
2) The dancing laughter of a candle's flame.
3) The joy of friendship, taken from a bit of sunbeam.
4) A four leaf clover, for luck of course.
5) Seven drops of water from a restive and winding stream.
6) A wisp of the night sky, just after sunset.
7) The stuff of which dreams are made of, just because.

Step Two: Separate all the individual components so they don't get mixed up.

Step Three:In turn, on a mystic spinning wheel, purify each of the ingredients while forming each into a long ribbon (The longer, the better).
Each ribbon should be insubstantial and slightly transparent.

Step Four: Upon a mystic loom, take each ribbon and slowly weave them together.
In order:

  • Love to Laughter
  • Laughter to Joy
  • Joy to Luck
  • Luck to Restlessness
  • Restlessness to Night
  • Night to Dreams
    NB: Be especially careful with the violet ribbon, the stuff of which dreams are made of, it is somewhat difficult to keep a hold of in this state.

    Step Five: Repeat steps one through four as often as necessary to get a rainbow of the desired length, piecing each length together as appropriate.

    To Use:
    Tie one end of the rainbow to something heavy, such as the handle of a pot of gold, and let it go where it will with but a wish to guide it.
    Enchanted rainbows are especially useful in finding things, such as valuable items, or friendly people. Rainbows cannot be used to hurt other people and any attempt to use them that way will cause harm to befall the person misusing the magic.

    WARNING: The Leprechaun Magician has determined that giving rainbows to mortals will cause them to make a rare (and unrare) nuisance of themselves! So be careful (This means you)!

    This text is copywrited by Brad Colver, 1997

    Questions and comments are welcome and may be directed to bradac at alaska dot net