A Wish for Peace

This is an old and powerful wish. I had to look for many hours before I could find the appropriate spell.

As always, the setting is important. A meadow still green from Spring's ministrations, will do. As will a mountain top fresh covered with snow and cold-brittle air. Even a mortal structure, but it must have Silence. Which is why we'll choose a library. You can go ahead and sit in that chair over there, this could take awhile.
As I said, this is a powerful wish, and an old one. Very old. It's older than even the leprechauns. It goes back to the beginning.
Listen to your breath and feel your heartbeat. There are spaces between each breath and each beat. A space and a nothingness.
We'll take that silent beat and the breath not taken and use it to bring the other ingredients.
We'll call upon the Earth first. Solid and long lasting. Even when she quakes and trembles and the mountains fall, still the Earth endures.
We'll take it from the pages of the books about us.
Air should be next. Always moving and swirling about. Chaos in motion. But even in the worst of hurricanes, Air remains calm at it's center.
The words from the pages shall birth the breeze we need.
Perhaps it would be best to call upon Water next. It can rage and batter the most sturdy of seacoasts, but Water will always return to a tranquil state.
Be quick and grab the emotions evoked by the words, for our tranquility.
Fire will be the last to be summoned. It burns and destroys and is very dangerous. But Fire warms and drives the darkness away.
We'll take it from the spirit that all authors infuse within their works.
Earth, Air, Water, and Fire, with Silence to summon.
With Earth, we'll form a solid foundation for our peace to rest upon.
Air will sweep across it, cooling and cleansing.
It shall rest upon Water, rocking it gently, holding it safe.
Fire shall warm it and cast a gentle light upon it.
Now hold it carefully, and ware the water and the flame, lest you damage yourself or the books.
The ingredients are gathered and mixed, and so the wish is done.
It is a powerful wish and long lasting. Remember, to find it, look for it between the beats of your heart and the pause between breaths. For you'll only be able to find it then.

May luck and rainbows follow ye.

Alan Nelson
The Leprechaun Corp

This text is copywrited by Brad Colver, 1997

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