A Wish for Love

First to set the scene:

We're in a meadow. Over to the left are gently rolling hills, while over on our right, is a small stream that wends to and fro through the meadow, from one side to the other. The sky is pure blue, except for some white clouds that were in a recent rainstorm. From these clouds springs a rainbow. Just in front of us is a flower bed, filled, naturally enough, with flowers, mostly roses and pansies.

First, for this wish, let's gather the roses. Red for love, pink for passion, and let's not forget white for purity.
An arrangement of daisies and pansies are to follow, for friendship is just as important.
Now, as the sunlight glistens off silver scales (from a fish leaping out of the brook), we'll steal just a bit, for every young lady should have a sparkle in her eye.
Take the dew (off the meadow grass), mixed with raindrops, for the times when tears should be shed in sympathy.
Love, Friendship, Laughter, and Tears. Of these is life made.
Next, to bind, strands from the rainbow. Red and yellow and orange to bind the bouquet, with the green, blue violet, and indigo bands mixed between the flowers to set them off.
Now here is the important part: Hold the bouquet closely now. With rainbow above and grass below, listen to the merry little brook and I'll sprinkle you and your bouquet with a little bit of hope.
The wish is crafted now, but there is one final ingredient. It requires a bit of heart, a touch of courage, and a little faith from the lady holding the flowers.

My part is done. Much luck in yuir endeavors, milady. A pleasure doing business with ye. If yuir ever in the need of a leprechaun, give me a call.

May luck and rainbows fill your life.

Alan Nelson
The Leprechaun Corp

This text is copywrited by Brad Colver, 1997

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