Another Wish for Joy

A wish of joy for feeling gladness, happiness, and bliss. Most wishes are created by bringing things together. This one will take things away.
The tears that are shed we will take away and use them to make a rainbow. An appropriate use I think.
Weíll steal your anger and annoyance, by cooling them with a handful of snowflakes. If you donít cheer up Iíll use the whole snowball.
I canít take back harsh words but I can hide them with the shouts of children at play.
Your despair Iím going to burn at the stake with the warmth of a sunny day. I hope you like it well done and gone.
And the lonliness Iíll distract with a babyís squeal as she first finds her toes. Once itís looking the other way Iíll hit it over the head and tickle it until itís gone. You too, if I donít see a smile.
Finally for the nightmares, Iíve brought some apples and carrots. I would have brought sugarcubes, but too much of those are bad. Anyway weíll feed the horses until they canít chase anyone.
Anyway, that should take care of any fury, gloom, or longing that will interfere with joy.
Of course, taking these away doesnít insure anything else. So take that sunny day, the snowflakes (you can subsitute ice-cream), the children, and the rainbow and share them with someone. Youíll find that even the tiniest amounts of joy are additive, twice, thrice and more.

May luck and rainbows follow ye

Alan Nelson
The Leprechaun Corp

This text is copywrited by Brad Colver, 1997

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