A Wish for Joy

A wish for joy requires help for there are too many things that can interfere with it. So we need to call up help and remove these things before we can summon the joy.
Against anger we’ll call upon a band of frost sprites. They’ll use snowballs or ice cream to cool down the fury. The choice is yours.
Unfortunately once spoken, harsh words cannot be unsaid so a clan of brownies will hide them with the shouts of friends at play.
I hope you like your despair well done next, for a rook of sylphs are going to take the clouds away and let the sun bake the gloom away.
A team of leprechauns will take any tears shed and recycle them into rainbows. Appropriate I think.
Loneliness is the hardest to deal with so we’ll use a gang of pixies to tickle that desolate feeling into utter helplessness. If it doesn’t go away they’ll tickle you instead.
The melancholy brought about by that dismal feeling will be mugged in a dark alleyway by a couple big boggarts that I know of.
Admittedly, taking care of those dark feelings won’t bring a person joy. A person who had those emotions may feel she has nothing left with them gone.
Thus it is time to summon the joy.
One way is to borrow a bit of the flame from the Muses. Doing something well or appreciating something finely done, can bring a joy all it’s own.
Another way is to simply find a friend to spend time with.
That’s it. Despite being simple the wish is versatile. You can substitute a lover or a kinsman for the friend, so long as you like them and can share a bit of yourselves with each other.
There is only one caution; be careful when sharing joy. The joy escalates faster with more people and before you know it you could be having fun; so use only a little at a time.

May luck and rainbows follow ye.

Alan Nelson
The Leprechaun Corp.

This text is copywrited by Brad Colver, 1997

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