A Wish for A Job

Not just any job, but one that has meaning.
An occupation. A career.
Fortunately the ingredients for this shouldn't be too hard to gather.
A liberal dose of luck for opportunity's sake should be first.
We'll borrow some from the wise, old hare living in the green woods.
Next should be patience, to endure the time of waiting until opportunity knocks.
A cat stalking its prey has plenty of that to spare.
Once opportunity has presented itself, eloquence will be needed to impress.
The song of the lark and the cry of the hawk should gain some attention for you.
We'll mix this well with another measure of luck; for you'll be competing against others.
That old hare should let us borrow just a little more.
Of course once the job is fairly caught, other things will be needed.
The industry of the ants, the aggressiveness of a badger, and the cunning of the fox.
We'll sprinkle a little of all of these to get you by until you find the seeds within yourself.
To use the wish, we'll use the light of a rainbow to show you what's deep inside.
For you'll need to find interest, knowledge, and talent within (at least the seeds).
With a little hard work on your part, the wish should bring you the job you desire.

May luck and rainbows follow you,

Alan Nelson
The Leprechaun Corp.

This text is copywrited by Brad Colver, 1997

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