A Wish for Friendship

This is an old and powerful wish, but the magic is wild and fey, and it may bring unexpected results.

First off, capture the patience in the stare of a cat so you too can understand what the cat does.
But mix it well with the acceptance that can be found in the play of children, or it will all come to naught.
The silence of the forest should be next, to bind the tongue when it wishes to say "I told you."
And from a lake where the otters play, we'll take a dapple of sunlight, to provide a glint in the eye for mischief.
Finally, find a fast running brook, which shall provide the laughter that should always be shared.
To bind it all together, we'll use the trust to be found within a child's heart and soul.
Understanding, acceptance, silence, mischief, laughter, and trust. Of all of these are friendships made.
It is incomplete without one final item, though.
A mirror.
For until you like, and are friends with yourself, you cannot be friends with others. So understand and accept yourself and you can do the same with those about you. Learn silence for when the words that can be spoken, could hurt. And never forget that a little mischief is healthy and that laughter shared can be healing.
Most of all, trust in your heart.
The wish is done. May you use it wisely and well.

May luck and rainbows follow ye.

Alan Nelson
The Leprechaun Corp.

This text is copywrited by Brad Colver, 1997

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