A Wish for Courage

This isn’t an easy wish, for no wish is easy. Compared to most however, it is less difficult. From the book of wishes, the list of ingredients are as follows:

1. Love from a brother, sister or friend. Their faith in you is a strength they can lend.
2. From you we have to take a measure of concern for others. As this care can cross the strongest of fear’s borders.
3. A touch of play as a child climbs a tree. So you can do what is needed without fear of ‘might be’.
4. However the audaciousness of a warrior as he seizes the day, can give you some hope for a tomorrow ‘that may’.
5. Lastly, mix with a rainbow caught just after dawn. For a touch of blind madness, reckless abandon.
That’s all there is to this wish.
The love from others and your caring for them; these will give you a worthy goal.
The play of a child will let you concentrate on what is now.
And the audaciousness and madness will combine and let you laugh as you pass danger by.
When taken all together you will have faith in yourself. The greatest source of courage of all.

May luck and rainbows follow ye.
Alan Nelson
The Leprechaun Corp.

This text is copywrited by Brad Colver, 1997

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