A Birthday Wish

This is one of the bestest wishes ever(1). The recipe is simple and can be modified to fit any number of people and tastes. Best of all it doesnít require much work on my part.

Personally I like to start this wish with friends. Three to four is a good base but like chocolate, more is better(2). Iíve been studying all year on friendship so you can add me to the list of gift-bearers this year if you like(3).

I have yet to see a birthday without some birthday cards to set the mood. Fortunately it seems that most friends comes complete with cards(4). So this is an easy requirement to fulfill. Traditionally a cake is in order. Not just any cake but one burning with candles. Some people think that too many candles is bad, however research has shown that the leprechauns who grant wishes are actually attracted to birthday candles. The older you are the better chance you have a wish coming true(5).

The wish could stand as it is now but I like to finish it off with two or three scoops of ice-cream(6).

This is now the perfect wish for any birthday. If you like Iíll wrap it up with my best hopes and a dash of dreams so everything will be happy and fun on the anniversary of your birth. As a side note, we should probably thank your parents for bringing you into this world and our lives.

The only drawback to this wish is that youíll have to pay for it. Iím afraid policy requires that you accept all your gifts graciously, light the day with your smiles, and return the warmth of friendship. I realize this makes the wish hideously expensive but I think that youíll find the returns well worth it.

If youíre not completely satisfied with this wish the Leprechaun Corp will refund each of your smiles with a drink.

May luck and rainbows follow ye.
Alan Nelson
The Leprechaun Corp.

1.Endorsement provided as is by the Leprechaun Corp.
2.Thereís a direct correlation between presents given and drinks bought and the number of friends you have.
3.I didnít get an A and you canít see my transcript. Also, I need a few days advance warning.
4.This footnote is included for completeness sake.
5.Leprechauns are also attracted to clinking glasses, so a toast at a bar may substitute for the cake. You could cover your bets with both though.
6.My prefrence is for mint chocolate chip. For the heathens some other flavor will be provided.

This text is copywrited by Brad Colver, 1997

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