Ever wanted all the action, magic, and camaraderie of a text based RPG, but in first person?  That is what you can expect from our new Half-life total conversion: Master Sword .  Be one of a variety of classes mastering a plethora of weapons as you and your friends band together to slay horrendous beasts, have a drink at the pub, or hunt down the latest player killer...

By the final release, you can expect:

   ¤ Swords, shields, armour and magic.

   ¤ Mythical maps and terrain.

   ¤ Character saving between levels / servers.

   ¤ A two-handed system:  Some weapons/items will require both hands.

   ¤ Interation with NPCs, who will give you quests.

   ¤ Advanced bargining where you will haggle for the weapon you need.

   ¤ Skill and magic skill  systems.

   ¤ Great weapon and player models.
Note: Grey items will not appear in the first release.

Next release (Version 1.1) will include the following:

   ¤ Many, many bugfixes
   ¤ Anti-cheat protections
   ¤ 4 new weapons
   ¤ 1 new map
   ¤ Player-Wipe (all characters start over)