Crestmont Manor




Built to rival the best inns of today, Crestmont serves as the guests' second home. We offer private and spacious accommodations along with a gourmet breakfast experience. Rooms are decorated with handmade quilts, antiques and original artwork. Enjoy a sweeping view of the scenic Chena River valley and the Alaska Range.


Request a reservation for this B&B. Be sure to enter the dates and the name of the B&B on the form.


Private Lodgings include:

  • Four queen rooms, each with private bath
  • In-room TV and telephone
  • In-room coffee, if requested
  • One economy room with semi-private bath and twin beds
  • Dining area and gathering room
  • Deck with view of Fairbanks and mountains
  • Smoke-free environment
  • Pet-free environment




Alaska Private Lodgings
PO Box 200047
Anchorage, AK 99520 - 0047

Phone (907) 746-1439
Fax (907) 746-7470





For reservations;

send an e-mail message to


The Crestmont Manor

is pleased to book through

Alaska Private Lodgings: Stay With a Friend, a reservation service for all of Alaska. If we are unable to accommodate you, the reservation service will suggest other lodging alternatives.


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