Alaskan Gourmet Specialty Products

Some specialty food items are only found in Alaska.

Introduced by Alaskan Natives between 2500 and 1900 BC. Use it to cut your favorite Pizza. $17.95

Alaskan Bits - Replace your bacon bits with tasty bits made from Alaskan Salmon.
Good as a topping for your favorite: Salads, Soups, and Pizza. Set of two-$10.00.

The Berry Patch - A trio from the wilds of Alaska: 4.5 oz. Wildberry Jelly, 4.5 oz. Wild Salmonberry Jelly, and 5 oz. Wild Alaskan Honey. Set of three-$16.95.

The Honey Bear - A friendly little bear who is willing to share his favorite honey. Bear
and Honey-$9.95.

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