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v. 1, #1 (Fall 1984); v. 1, #2 (Fall/Winter 1985/86); v. 2, #1 (Winter 1986-1987); v. 2, #2 (Fall 1987) SOLD OUT

___ v. 3, #1 (Spring 1988)
Ann Fienup-Riordan, "Martyrdom of Brother Hooker: Conflict and Conversion on the Kuskokwim"
Katherine L. Arndt, "Russian Relations with the Stikine Tlingit, 1833-1867"
Arsenio Rey-Tejerina, "Spanish Exploration of Alaska, 1774-1796"
Margaret B. Allan, "Ward W. Wells, Jr.: Photographer of Modern Alaska"

___ v. 3, #2 (Fall 1988)
Stephen Haycox, "Early Aviation in Anchorage: Ambivalent Fascination with the Air Age"
Robert Fortuine, "Scurvy in the Early History of Alaska: The Haves and the Have-Nots"
Joan M. Antonson and Judith E. Bittner, "Big Delta State Historical Park: A Glimpse at Life in Interior Alaska, 1904-1947"

___ v. 4, #1 (Spring 1989)
Kenneth Coates and Judith Powell, "Whitehorse and the Building of the Alaska Highway, 1942-1946"
Richard A. Pierce, "Reconstructing ‘Baranov’s Castle’"
Kathleen Lidfors, Stephen Haycox, and Morgan Sherwood review Michener’s Alaska: Comments at the Society’s Annual Meeting, 1988"
Renee Blahuta, "Phinney S. Hunt: Portrait of a Photographer, 1866-1917"

___ v. 4, #2 (Fall 1989)
Peter Coates, "Project Chariot: Alaskan Roots of Environmentalism"
Gary Stevens, "Rasputin is Alive and Well and Living in Kodiak"
Stephen Haycox, "Alaska Native Brotherhood Conventions: Sites and Grand Officers, 1912-1959"
Sandra M. Faulkner, "Celebrating Alaska’s Past: The National Park Service in Sitka"

v. 5, #1 (Spring 1990) SOLD OUT

___ v. 5, #2 (Fall 1990)
Terrence Cole, "The Bridge to Tomorrow: Visions of the Bering Strait Bridge"
Patricia Roppel, "’Have I Got a Deal for You!’: Mining Frauds on Douglas Island"
Carol A. Edwards, "Scientists as Photographers: The United States Geological Survey Photographs of Alaska"

___ v. 6, #1 (Spring 1991) SOLD OUT

___ v. 6, #2 (Fall 1991)
Elizabeth A. Tower, "Hazelet’s High Road to Chisana: Tapping a Gold Mine for Cordova"
Catherine Holder Spude, "Bachelor Miners and Barbers’ Wives: The Common People of Skagway in 1900"
India Spartz and Ron Inouye, "Fhoki Kayamori: Amateur Photographer of Yakutat, 1912-41"

___ v. 7, #1 (Spring 1992)
Joseph Sullivan, "Sourdough Radicalism: Labor and Socialism in Alaska, 1905-1920"
Frank Norris, "Cargoes North: Containerization and Alaska’s Postwar Shipping Crisis"
Gordon S. Harrision, "Streamlining the Legislature: Pursuit of Unicameral Reform in Alaska"
M. Diane Brenner, "Life in Cook Inlet: Tom Odale’s Photographs"

v. 7, #2 (Fall 1992); v. 8, #1 (Spring 1993) SOLD OUT

___ v. 8, #2 (Fall 1993)
Brian C. Hosmer, "‘White Men Are Putting Their Hands Into Our Pockets’: Metlakatla and the Struggle for Resource Rights in British Columbia, 1862-1887"
Patricia Roppel, "The Gold of Rodman Bay"
Morgan Sherwood, "Polly’s Denali"

___ v. 9, #1 (Spring 1994)
Jonathan R. Dean, "‘Their Nature and Qualities Remain Unchanged’: Russian Occupation and Tlingit Resistance, 1802-1867"
Robert W. King, "Without Hope of Immediate Profit: Oil Exploration in Alaska, 1898-1953"
Robert E. King, "The Pribilof Islands in the 1870s: The Stereo-Photographs of Dr. Hugh H. McIntyre"

___ v. 9, #2 (Fall 1994)
Dirk Tordoff, "Airplanes on Denali"
Suzanne Summerville and David Hales, "Into the Wild Blue Yonder: The Story of Robert M. Crawford"
Elizabeth A. Tower, "Railroad Fever in Valdez, 1898-1907: An Account by George C. Hazelet"
Elfrida Nord, "The War on Tuberculosis in Alaska, 1945-1960: A Look at the Role of Public Health Nursing"

___ v. 10, #1 (Spring 1995)
Dan Sutherland, "Dan Sutherland: Gold Rush Pioneer and Politician"
Clark C. Spence, "Fairbanks Exploration Goes to War"
Robert E. King, "Truman W. Ingersoll: Alaskan Stereo-Photographer and Publisher"

v. 10, #2 (Fall 1995) SOLD OUT

___ v. 11, #1 (Spring 1996)
Robert E. King, "Captain Elias W. Johnston: Gold Rush Transportation Businessman"
Geoffrey T. Bleakley, "Murder on the Koyukuk: The Hunt for the Blueberry Kid"
Bill Johnson, "Fort Greely’s Remote Reactor: Alaska’s Experiment with Nuclear Power"
R. Bruce Parham, "Benjamin Haldane and the Portraits of a People"

___ v. 11, #2 (Fall 1996)
Timothy Rawson, "‘I Hope the Sheep Will Bless You’: Belmore Browne, Adolphe Murie, and the Wolves of Mount McKinley"
Andrei A. Znamenski, "‘Athapaskan Church, Russian Orthodox’: The Tanainas’ Encounter with Russian Orthodox Missionaries, 1893-1917"
Terrence M. Cole, "Polar Cartoon Characters: Cook, Peary, and the Race to the Pole"

v. 12, #1 (Spring 1997) SOLD OUT

___ v. 12, #2 (Fall 1997)
J. Brooks Flippen, "Mr. Hickel Goes to Washington"
Jonathan R. Dean, "The Sea Otter War of 1810: Russia Encounters the Tsimshians"
Charles M. Mobley and Karen Hofstad, "Reconstructing Tonka"

___ v. 13, #s1&2 (Spring/Fall 1998)
Andrei A. Znamenski, "Native Culture Through Orthodox Eyes: Russian Missionary Ioann Bortnovsky on the Dena'ina and Ahtna, 1896-1907"
Elizabeth A. Tower, "Anthony J. Dimond: Statehood Pioneer"
Morgan Sherwood, "The Annotated Schmalz: A Lighter Look at the Campaign for Statehood"
James H. Ducker, "Stevens Village Life, 1910-1912: The Photographs of Lawyer E. Rivenburg"

___ v. 14, #s1&2 (Spring/Fall 1999)
C. Michael Brown, "John K. Hajdukovich and the Tetlin Indians, 1924-1941"
Hannah L. Mitson, "The King-Havenner Bill of 1940: Dashed Hopes for a Jewish Immigration Haven in Alaska"
Robert E. King, "Northern Alaska's First Printing Press and its Sometimes Curious History"
Jane Haigh, "Stephen Foster: Photographing Kantishna River People"

___ v. 15, #1 (Spring 2000)
Steve K. Lloyd, "The Loss of the S.S. Edith, August 1915"
Cliff Fuglestad, "A Railroad to Iditarod: The End of an Era"
Frank Norris, "Skagway, the White Pass Railroad, and the Struggle to Build the Klondike Highway"
Michael Naab, "Ketchikan's Hunt Family Collection"

___ v. 15, #2 (Fall 2000) SOLD OUT