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Current Events
19 Jul 298 Kiltanland first appears on official United Nations of Vexillium (UNV) map and page of nations.
11 Jul 298 Kiltanland begins to receive diplomatic communiques from the other nations of Planet Vexillium.
10 Jul 298 King Edward of Christiana accepts Jay iv Griffin's appeal for a homeland for the Kiltan people. He responds, "... your people were the original inhabitants, and you've returned to reclaim your homeland."

A Brief History
At some point in their distant past, this resilient people were dispossessed from their indigenous homeland, the north coast of the southwest continent of the New Hemisphere. The details of this cataclysmic event have been lost to history, and the stories handed down the generations, embellished in the telling by a mischievous and highly imaginative people, are now largely acknowledged to be myths.

Their exile yielded a surprising consequence. The people banded more closely to one another and to their ancient beliefs. Widely scattered, their numbers grew far more than is likely if they had remained in their homeland.

This cultural cohesion at times brought about a kind of isolation and led to their persecution in several countries. The persecution served to reinforce the feeling of alienation which tended to further escalate the persecution against them, until in recent years great atrocities were committed against them by several governments.

In an effort to interrupt this disastrous pattern, the Kiltan leaders are enacting sweeping reforms designed to build bridges between their people and the wider world.

Historic Documents
Subject: Plea for a Homeland
   Date: Fri, 10 Jul 298 19:48:29 -0800
   From: Jay Griffin <>

Your Eminence,

At your invitation, I come to seek a homeland for my people. We have wandered the face of this planet for many generations and have suffered greatly under the heel of many governments. Look in your heart and see if , in your great wisdom, you can see fit to grant us a homeland. We are a humble and industrious people, asking little and giving much, rich in culture if not in coin.

I underdstand there is no flag which flies over the land known as Whitlam (2n 5e). We humbly beseech your eminence, grant us this country that a longsuffering and persecuted people may at last have a place in the world. If not here, then perhaps we might settle on the isle of Park (2s 5e) and let peace come to its war-torn shores.

To show our great esteem, we grant your name a place of honor on our forthcoming imaginary places page. This page will soon be added to our existing worldwide information site, AtlasNav:

We here pledge to remain your humble servants and do all that you ask to our full ability.

Jay of Griffin
Chiefest among the Kiltan Clan

National Anthem
Iv Kiltanlenad O Diraem (Of Kiltanland I Dream)